Health Linkage Program

Adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) who want to be healthier can join the Health Linkage Program. Linkage Coordinators help program participants find accessible health resources in their community. Do you have a health goal? Talk with a Linkage Coordinator.

What is the Process?

  1. Schedule an Appointment: First, you schedule an appointment with a Linkage Coordinator. This meeting can be in person, on the phone, or on Zoom. If you want, parents or guardians can join this meeting.
  2. Choose a Health Goal: You will talk with a Linkage Coordinator about your health. Together, you will choose a health goal.
  3. Find a Resource: The Linkage Coordinator will find a resource that helps you achieve your health goal. For example, if the health goal is to eat healthier, the Linkage Coordinator might suggest a nutrition class.
  4. Check-In: After a month, the Linkage Coordinator will call you to see if you made progress toward your health goal. If you any problems, they will help you.
  5. Review Your Goal: After about three months, you will meet the Linkage Coordinator. You can talk to them about if you feel healthier or if you want to find something else to help you be healthier.

I want to schedule a routine doctor’s appointment.

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I want to focus on my mental health.

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I want to join an exercise class.

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Who Can Join?

To join the program, you must:

  • Live in New Hampshire
  • Identify as an individual with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD)
  • Be 18 years or older

Contact Us

Do you have questions or want to sign up?

  Email the Linkage Project

  Call 603-931-2123 and ask for a Linkage Coordinator

  Complete our referral form