The UNH-Institute on Disability (IOD), in partnership with numerous UNH academic and administrative partners is working to provide inclusive higher education opportunities to young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID).  Planning efforts are well underway on the Durham campus to provide a 2- year day and/or residential Community Transition Program (CTP). A CTP Program is a federally recognized program at a higher education institution that offers inclusive education for individuals with ID that leads to credential attainment.

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According to the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE), a CTP is a degree, certificate, or non-degree program offered by a college, university, or career school that is approved by the USDOE to support students with ID who want to continue academic, career, and independent living instruction for gainful employment. UNH-IOD is collaborating with state agencies and other NH institutions of higher education to develop grant proposals to expand higher education capacity in other regions of the state of New Hampshire.


This project is made available with generous support provided by New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation, NH Council on Developmental Disabilities, the John Vance ACCESS Fund of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and the Think College National Coordinating Center.