Get Involved

Get Involved

View the topics linked below to see how you can get involved with the NH Disability and Health Program. Find the section that best describes you to see what opportunities are available.

Adults with Disabilities and their Families

A disabled Black non-binary hiker uses trekking poles and looks at a wooden sign with “Nature House” and “Trillium Trail ♿” marked ahead. The shot is framed with the hiker walking toward the camera and the hiker sports a shaved head, glasses, a gray peplum shirt, black shorts, and black tennis shoes.

Participate in Living Well in the Community

one woman showing another woman with an intellectual disability how to harvest onions from a garden

Enroll in the Linkage Project

A black man wearing glasses and a collared blue shirt pricks his finger to test his blood sugar

Learn about Diabetes

Healthcare Providers

two women healthcare providers look at a clipboard together

Take Healthcare Provider Trainings

Two men, both casually dressed, sit together outside on some park steps. One of them, a young man with Down Syndrome looks on as the other, a black man explains something from a book.

Refer participants to Linkage Project

two women standing in a doorway to a house chat while one woman writes on a clipboard that the other woman holds

Learn about Health & Wellness needs in NH

Community Organizations

Two women in wheelchairs grocery shopping together

Collaborate on a Policy System and Environmental Change

four women, some with disabilities pose together for a photo in a park

Share program with network

a person with a disability in a wheelchair being pushed by a friend in a public city park

Take Cultural Competence with Disability Trainings