Health Professional Training

Two free, virtual health care education courses are available for health professionals. These modules enhance healthcare professionals’ ability to provide disability-competent care that is accessible to people with disabilities. The Responsive Practice modules can be taken online and on-demand. Free continuing education credits are available to physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Who Should Take the Trainings?

These training modules are an opportunity for all health professionals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to ensure equitable care for all people. This includes physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, health administrative staff, public health workers, community health workers, and more.

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Take the Responsive Practice Training

A doctor works with a patient in a wheelchair to fill out health screening paperwork

Module 1: Providing Health Care & Screenings to Individuals with Disabilities

1.0 credit available   Take the Training

Learning Objectives

After taking Responsive Practice: Providing Health Care & Screenings to Individuals with Disabilities,  participants will be able to:

  • Describe disparities in health experienced by people with disabilities
  • Recognize barriers to accessing health care and preventive services
  • Acquire strategies and approaches to provide disability-competent, responsive care
image of a healthcare provider listening and taking notes on a clipboard while a woman talks to them

Module 2: Accessible & Adaptive Communication

0.5 credits available   Take the Training

Learning Objectives

After taking Responsive Practice: Accessible & Adaptive Communication, participants will be able to apply communication skills of

  • Presuming competence in their patients
  • Identifying alternate methods of communication
  • Allowing time for mutual understanding
  • Setting clear and reasonable expectations

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