Disability in Focus: May 2020

Food Resources Needed for NH Residents with Disabilities

In New Hampshire (NH), more outreach is needed to connect people with disabilities to vital food resources. Reducing food insecurity means better health and wellness for NH residents with disabilities and their families.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food insecurity happens when people cannot afford enough food at all times to have an active and healthy life. 


Food insecurity means experiencing some or all of the following things:

Food insecurity

Resources to Improve Food Security for NH Residents with Disabilities and Their Families:

  • The New Hampshire Food Bank can help you find your local food pantry and other programs such as soup kitchens and emergency shelters.  Contact them here or call 603-669-9725.

Data source: Granite State Poll, April 2020.

​This content is solely the responsibility of the NH Disability & Public Health Project and does not necessarily represent the views of the CDC or US DHHS.