Linkage Project

NH DHP is collaborating with the National Center for START Services and Community Bridges to implement the Linkage Project. The Linkage Project connects adults with IDD to preventive health care and health promotion programs in their community.

Through the Linkage Project, participants should increase knowledge about:

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Preventive health care

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Health promotion programs

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Healthy behaviors

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Do you have unmet health needs?

Who are you?
  • NH resident
  • IDD diagnosis
  • 18 years or older
What do Linkage Coordinators do?
  • Help identify unmet health needs
  • Connect participants with healthcare providers or health programs

Get enrolled in the Linkage Project

In order to be eligible for the Linkage Project, participants must be New Hampshire residents, over the age of 18, and have an unmet health need.

Ask for a Linkage Coordinator:
  603-931-2123   Email the Linkage Project.