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CCNH staff and stakeholders presented three sessions at the 2022 ARHE, ARS, and AAPG Conference, "Evolving Recovery: Expanding the Spectrum of Care." ... Learn More
CCNH staff and stakeholders will be presenting three sessions at the 2022 ARHE, ARS, and AAPG Conference, "Evolving Recovery: Expanding the Spectrum o... Learn More
The University of NH Institute on Disability recently received State Opioid Response Funds from the NH Department of Health and Human Services to expa... Learn More
Thank you to Heidi Cloutier, Ginger Ross, and Bob Faghan for providing us with their presentations from the 2021 ARGE/ARS/APG Conference, June 21-25, ... Learn More
Creating Connections NH is expanding Alternative Peer Groups (APGs) and working to develop a continuum of youth peer support services in collaboration... Learn More
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The Live Free Recovery Consultants APG—the first of its kind in New Hampshire—is led by a young person (18+), supervised by a Licensed Clinician, who ... Learn More
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