Elizabeth, Nilufer, Heidi, and Adele standing in front of the EARA 2022 display.

On August 26, Heidi Cloutier from the Institute on Disability presented at the 2022 European Association for Research on Adolescence Conference in Dublin, Ireland, with a fellow UNH student, Elizabeth Nash. The session “Motivating Youth with Substance Misuse through Voices of Experience: The New Hampshire Alternative Peer Group Model" highlighted the work that The Institute on Disability & the NH Department of Health and Human Services is doing in collaboration with community organizations to expand a continuum of treatments and supports in NH for youth with substance use challenges and their families. 

Collaborators Nilufer Isvan from Human Service Research Institute and Adele Baumann from the NH Department of Health and Human Services also presented a session at the EARA conference about Creating Connections NH. Their session, titled “Pilot Study of a Novel Model for Youth Substance Use and Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders” reviewed preliminary research findings.