Garrett, a UNH-4U student standing in front of and touching the UNH wildcat statue's nose for luck

Garrett, a UNH-4U student touching the UNH wildcat statue's nose for luck.

Fall 2024 application will go live December 2023, please check back again for updates. Come to an information session to learn more about UNH-4U and applying for the 2024-2025 school year.  Remember to subscribe to UNH-4U for the latest updates, including the opening date for next year’s application.


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Eligibility Guidelines

UNH-4U is a program for students with an intellectual disability. UNH-4U is for students who:

  • Are 18-24 years old (students cannot turn 26 before the end of the 2-year program)
  • Have a documented intellectual disability
  • Are eligible for special education and/or related services under IDEA (now or in the past)
  • Are eligible for New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Are eligible for New Hampshire Area Agency Services

To see if you or your student meets the requirements to apply, please use our online tool:

UNH-4U Eligibility Online Tool

Application Timeline

What's due by the application deadline?

We will need the following by 11:59pm on the date the application closes:

  • Student application
  • Release of information from NH Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
  • Release of information from the Area Agency (AA)
  • A copy of the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Documentation of intellectual disability (preferred at this time)

 What can be submitted later?

  • Letters of recommendation, 1 each from:
    • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
    • Area Agency (AA)
    • 1 additional recommendation
  • Documentation of intellectual disability