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Could you tell me one way art teachers (in any medium) could continue to make sure their classrooms are inclusive, accessible environments for student... Learn More
The Building Futures Together Team celebrated Cohort 3, finishing Level One of the program. Learn More
Building Futures Together on April 5th, 2023, joined the R.I.C.H conference and presented the program with the data that has been gathered. The R.I.C.... Learn More
Hi Kathy, Do you think a complex trauma diagnosis should be an eligibility factor for the education of students with disabilities? Why or why not? Learn More
Stephanie Patrick (DRC-NH), Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre (NHCDD), and Kelly Nye-Lengerman (IOD) talk about the importance of building leadership and sup... Learn More
The IOD reconnects with 2013 IOD Calendar artist Barbara Favro, whose artwork has again been featured in 2023's "Best of" IOD Calendar. Learn More
UNH-4U student Garrett Shows always wanted to attend the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and in 2021, he turned his dream into reality by participa... Learn More
I started the second grade at eight years old in 1969—my first opportunity to attend public school. My parents were strong advocates for me, and in th... Learn More
Congratulations to JoAnne Malloy, PhD, on her selection as Social Worker of the Year by the New Hampshire chapter of the National Association of Socia... Learn More
At the top of the year, NH-ME LEND trainee Karina Mancini, NH-ME LEND Director Betsy Humphreys, and Karen Volle, Project Director with the New England... Learn More