Action Groups

The 4 members of the Supported Decision Action Making Group pose together with one woman holding the sign. The group is made up of Meg, the sign holder and Michelle, two light skinned women, Nick, a light skinned man, and Eyob a medium-skinned man in a wheel chair.

The Supported Decision Making Action Group, NH Leadership Series Class of 2023, happy after doing their presentation. From left to right: Meg, Nick, Eyob, and Michelle.

The NH Leadership Series uses an experiential learning process so that participants can try out newly learned skills and techniques in a safe and guided environment. The Leadership Action Group process allows participants to challenge themselves and their assumptions. Groups learn how to work as members of a diverse group to influence a public issue through collective action.

Action Groups form during the October session of the Series. Participants have the opportunity to review and choose an issue to address in their groups. Some examples of topics addressed have included issues related to Medicaid, accessible playgrounds, transportation, inclusive education, and housing access.

Throughout the Series, the Action Groups meet to map out and implement their plans for change. At the Leadership graduation in April, all Action Groups are given the opportunity to discuss their issues and action plans, giving detailed capstone presentations of their processes and any outcomes. The graduation ceremony and celebration marks the end of the Series, but for many graduates, it is only the beginning of the personal, local, and statewide changes that will be brought about because of their participation in this life-changing program.

Past Action Group Projects