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Applications for the NH Leadership Series Class of 2025 are currently being accepted! Apply or nominate someone today!

Interested in building relationships with others who support disability rights in New Hampshire? Want to learn more about innovative practices for people with disabilities and their families leading to welcoming and supportive schools and communities?

The NH Leadership Series is a yearlong community-oriented program focused on developing leadership and advocacy skills for individuals with disabilities and their family members who wish to affect change at a personal, community, and statewide level. 

As a member of the Leadership class, you will:

  • Attend sessions/weekends – a Meet and Greet, 7 topical sessions, and 1 action-focused session. 
  • Connect with local, state, and national leaders on important disability issues; identify disability issues and action steps for positive change; learn information about community organizing and using the legislative process to create change. Join a vibrant community of over 1,000 Leadership graduates who are committed to and working toward positive change

Proposed Session Dates and Times for NH Leadership Series Class of 2024

Sessions (in-person sessions noted with asterisk and in bold)

Session Date(s) Time Location
Meet & Greet* Sept 13, 2024 9am - 1:00pm *In-person: Concord, NH
Learning from the Past* Sept 27, 2024 9am - 1:00pm *In-person: Concord, NH
Vision part 1 Oct 11, 2024 9am-1:00pm zoom
Vision part 2 Oct 25, 2024 9am-1:00pm zoom
Organizing part 1 Nov 8, 2024 9am-1:00pm zoom
Organizing part 2 Nov 22, 2024 9am-1:00pm zoom
Ideas into Action* Dec 6, 2024 9am-3:00pm *In-person: Concord, NH
Education part 1 Jan 10, 2025 9am-1:00pm zoom
Education part 2 Jan 24, 2025 9am-1:00pm zoom
A Good Life part 1 Feb 7, 2025 9am-1:00pm zoom
A Good Life part 2 Feb 21, 2025 9am-1:00pm zoom
Citizenship* Mar 21, 2025
Mar 22, 2025
9am - 5pm Fri
8am - 3pm Sat
*In-person: Concord, NH

Action Group Presentations and Graduation*

Apr 11, 2025
Apr 12, 2025
9am - 3pm Fri
9am - 3pm Sat
*In-person: Concord, NH

Apply or Nominate someone today!




For additional information or to get these forms in a different format please contact the NH Leadership Series Team.

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Members of the group represent diverse backgrounds, ages, and geographic regions of the state. All applications are reviewed by a selection committee and up to thirty participants will be selected. Graduates of the NH Leadership Series belong to a statewide network of over 1,000 citizens who are well informed about, and active in, policymaking and systems change for individuals with disabilities in our state.

For additional information, please contact the NH Leadership Series Team