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A quarterly news and event publication of the UNH Institute on Disability.  

On May 6th, 17 trainees from the 2021-2022 NH-ME LEND program shared their scholarship and leadership development during the annual Capstone Poster Se... Learn More
On May 10th, the IOD received a Lifetime Achievement UNH Sustainability Award in the staff category. The Sustainability Awards program at UNH celebrat... Learn More
Nathaniel Livernois ‘22, has received a prestigious fellowship from the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered and ACL's Administration on Disabilities. Th... Learn More
On May 15th, the IOD and UNH-4U celebrated Inclusive Postsecondary Education (IPSE) Day. IPSE Day is a day to raise awareness and spread the word abou... Learn More
When I was first asked to interview Dr. Garland-Thomson, or "RGT," as she is often referred, I had no idea who she was, so my first order of business ... Learn More
The IOD report Facts & Figures: 2021 Report on Disability in New Hampshire is now available on the IOD website. Learn More
A research team from the Center for START Services at the Institute on Disability (IOD) at UNH has been approved for a $50,000 grant awarded by the WI... Learn More
The NH Executive Council approved a $4.3 million, three-year contract to the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability (IOD) to develop a ne... Learn More
On October 21, the WITH Foundation announced a $50,000 award to the Institute on Disability for a one-year initiative to investigate best practices fo... Learn More
Center for START Services at the Institute on Disability addresses standards of diagnosis and treatment for people with IDD-MH.
There is a long-standing concern in the U.S. that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health needs (IDD-MH) receive ine... Learn More