CACL Team selected to host Sidore Lecture Series, Aging in America: Justice for All

Hosted by the Center on Aging and Community Living, the 2021-2022 series will build off of the 2019-2020 Sidore Lecture Series. The CACL team includes Casey Golomski, Ph.D., Associate Professor Department of Anthropology; Allison Wilder, Ph.D.Faculty Fellow UNH Center on Aging and Community Living and Associate Professor, Department of Recreation Management and Policy; Allyson Ryder, MPPM, Program Director, UNH Office of Community, Equity and Diversity; Laura Davie and Kate Crary of IHPP; and Jennifer Rabalais from the IOD. The series will be held once a month during the academic year and will bring in a variety of experts to lead the conversations.


$232,000 Awarded to Support Statewide Coalition to Support Health and Wellbeing of Older People in NH

This is a one-year continuation grant of $232,000 to support the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging, a statewide coalition of stakeholders focused on the health and wellbeing of older people in NH. The Alliance for Healthy Aging includes over 320 stakeholders representing greater than 190 organizations and/or groups across the state and across sectors. Goals in the next year include aligning project activities and priorities with the activities of the NH Commission on Aging and the NH State Plan on Aging with the intended outcome of making NH a better place to grow older.

Rabalais, J. (Principal Investigator). (2021-2022). Backbone Support to the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging [Grant]. Endowment for Health.

The aims of the project are to (1) identify the extent to which a decrease in functioning among older adults is associated with a decrease in well-being; (2) establish whether a relationship between change in functioning and change in well-being varies by urban/rural status; (3) identify the types of rural places that make for more resilient aging among those experiencing disability onset by assessing the mediating effect of county-level structural variables in improving well-being for this population.

Henly, M. & Brucker, D. (2021-2022). Aging Well in Rural America: Exploring the Link Between Disability and Environmental Context [Grant]. Interagency Network on Rural Population Health and Aging.


Living Well - NH Quality Framework Launched New DSP Training Pilot Project

In partnership with CSNI, Gateways Area Agency/Plus Company is training high-school students as Direct Support Professionals (DSP). The pilot project has enrolled 14 students at Alverine High School - Career Technical Education. Upon completion of the program, students will have met all NH requirements to be hired as DSPs. This supports both employment for students leaving high school and workforce issues in health and human services.