Audrey Gerkin

Audrey Gerkin, Class of 2016

I have recently become the Family Advocacy and Education Liaison for One Sky.

Ashleigh Lowe

Ashleigh Lowe, Class of 2016

I just finished the PIC volunteer advocate course, have given a talk to the freshman class at Bedford High School about Autism and Autism Speaks, and I gave an autism bootcamp to the cast of Storyland!
Gearing up for the Autism Speaks walk in October as well as hosting our 6th annual benefit for Autism Speaks! 

Cynthia Moser

Cynthia Moser, Class of 2016

At this moment we are cancer free in the intestines and going through a very rough path. I am doing 3 summer classes and going on vacation to Williamsburg, VA in August. We are doing farmers markets in Canterbury, Laconia, Gilmanton, and Warner. (Look for Fen Ridge Farm - we specialize in wine jellies, pies, and what we have abundance from the vegetable patches.)

Darienne and Alicia Buono

Darienne McGuiness, Class of 2015

I graduated from LEND in May! I also graduated from Policy Partners (at Community Crossroads) with Gaby Grossman, Alicia Buono, and Jill Prakop. (all from the class of 2015)

Tim Houle

Tim Houle, Class of 2015

I’m good, just working, hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend, working at Walgreens and trying to find more work. I’m teaching classes about self-advocacy.  I went to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend to visit my brother Michael and his fiancée Lauren with my brother Shaun and my grandmother.   Michael is an English teacher and Lauren works with people with prosthetics.

It was very exciting for me and as much as I love NH, I need to do some more traveling!  It was my first time on a plane.

Carrie Duran

Carrie Duran, Class of 2015

I am a proud 2015 graduate.  My participation opened my eyes to opportunities and experiences I had never thought possible.  I am thankful for the lifelong friends I have made who’ve continued to cheer me on in all my endeavors.  With my new found strength, directly after graduation I testified at our State House on the budget and stayed until 11:00 p.m. to have my chance to share. Leadership taught me my voice is important.  Following graduation I became a member of the Lakes Region Family Support Council and became co-chair with Emily James, (2009 Leadership graduate) and am now serving on the Family Support Conference Planning Committee. I testified on paper and in person several times over the course of a year for the Medicaid Expansion bill and was invited by Governor Maggie Hassan to stand beside her at the signing where she graciously spoke of me and my family in her speech.  All year I’ve  tried to speak with as many candidates as possible and  brought my children along whenever I could.  I was surprisingly fearless as I shared my story with Democrats and Republicans in the hopes they would see a different side to single moms and of families with children who have disabilities.  I am returning to school for a degree in Special Education. Finding ways to balance work, home, family, and advocacy life is challenging.  But I continue, because I absolutely love it!  Thank you Leadership for instilling in me the belief that anyone can make a difference!

Kevin Ennis graduation photo

Kevin Ennis, Class of 2014

I graduated from UNH and I've got, not one, but two jobs.


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Barry Fee, Class of 2007

I am a graduate of the infamous Class of 2007. One of the goals I set for myself at the final meeting(s), was to publish a poetry book which was to be partially dedicated to the reality of mental illness/psychiatric disease. I am pleased to announce that the final stages of editing are underway, and the process will be beginning, after that, for publication. Since Leadership graduation I have been fortunate enough to publish 2 works (one of metaphysical fiction, and one of historical fiction) ... but the poetry book proved elusive. Now, after an almost decade long struggle to "get it done", it is nearly there.

Title will be: A Dangerous Word and other poems by B. Michael Fee.

We asked Barry if we could print,'no apologies' in the newsletter as a sample of his upcoming book, this is his intro:

The poem represents, for me, a summary statement on the comprehensive definition and reality of leadership.From the very initial session, it was clear to me that I was in a room with some very special people.

Given the topics, the guest speakers, the Leadership Team, and most especially, my fellow participants who brought me places I had never been, I could not not write it.

The quality of human beings then, and now; those warriors for love and justice,perpetually meeting, at that horizon "of good works by good people", demanded it.

Thank you so much,

Please click here to read Barry's poem

CarolAnn Edscorn

CarolAnn Edscorn, Class of 2011

I presented at the NH DOJ/Attorney General's conference for advocates, first responders, court professionals and LEOs on June 9! The Conference was called: Partnering for a Future without Violence. My Presentation: Understanding Autism: supporting people of neurodiversity in a crisis. Click here for the link to the conference brochure (seminar 40).

Caroline Arakelian with her children

Caroline Arakelian, Class of 2011
I am started a new position on July 1, 2016, as the Director of Special Services at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton.

Lorraine Butler

Lorraine Butler, Class of 1996

I'm active in the town of Derry. I do go to the town meetings and speak out and I also watch out for my elderly neighbors. I like to meet people who are running for office and I do speak up for myself.