Transportation Solutions NH


This project was completed in September 2016 and these resources are no longer updated.

New Hampshire’s transportation system is in trouble. The funding structure is not adequately providing for the necessary resources to maintain the system in a state of good repair and maintenance, the almost complete reliance on oil continues to impact our ability to sustainably support our environment and our wallets, and, perhaps most importantly, there is a general recognition that the existing modal mix is inadequate to accommodate the demands projected to be placed on transportation in the future.

A functioning and effective transportation infrastructure is essential to a society operating within a sustainability framework. Our transportation system must be flexible and diverse to support New Hampshire’s goals in carbon emissions reduction, in economic development, in social service provision, in maintaining diverse housing options and to maintain a healthy lifestyle including access to health services. The transportation system is a necessary support system to almost all of society’s activities.

This project seeks to elevate and define the necessity for changes to our transportation system as a condition to change in other areas of society. It is especially critical that public awareness of the transportation system’s role and current stresses be strengthened through a common messaging framework in order to over-come short term thinking, restrictive state budget frameworks, and other challenges. This project proposes that a cross-sector coalition of businesses, service providers, government, and advocates, acting in an informed and cohesive way, can help New Hampshire address the broad and systemic challenges of our transportation system. This new coalition, Transportation Solutions New Hampshire (TSNH), will be formed to analyze existing issues, provide factual information resources, and to initiate policy changes toward a sustainable transportation system.

Project Funding

This project is supported by grants from the New Hampshire Endowment for Health and AARP New Hampshire.

The Endowment for Health is a statewide, private, nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the health of New Hampshire's people, especially those who are vulnerable and underserved.

AARP is a membership organization leading positive social change and delivering value to people age 50 and over through information, advocacy and service.