Strategic Plan

FY 2018 — FY 2022


The Institute on Disability (IOD) envisions a future where all people,
including individuals living with disabilities, are fully engaged members of communities.


Our Strategic Plan plays a central role in defining the path the IOD takes to realize this future. With external stakeholder input, an analysis of environmental trends and priorities, and a comprehensive internal evaluation, the IOD is committing to the following three strategic intentions and associated goals and activities.

Environmental and organizational dynamics and priorities continuously evolve. Consequently, the IOD needs to optimize its agility and responsiveness to the changing needs of the greater disability community and the organization. To that end, our approach during this five-year period is to commit to specific, realistic, and measurable activities through an annual evaluative process while maintaining the Strategic Intentions and Broad Goals identified. We are confident that this approach will maximize the outcomes of this plan and yield the greatest impact for our organization and the individuals and communities we serve.


square graduation cap and a book outlineScholarship

Strengthen our impact on policy and practice through advancements in research, engagement, and scholarship

The IOD will:
  1. Strengthen research and scholarship opportunities and skills across the organization
  2. Increase the frequency of scholarly engagement and collaboration with on and off campus partners

three cubes stacked in a pyramid shapeCapacity

Enhance services to individuals and communities through advancements in outreach, collaborations, and organizational capacity

The IOD will:
  1. Strengthen partnerships, constituent engagement, and organizational relationships
  2. Expand systemic and individual engagement related to cultural and linguistic diversity
  3. Ensure synergy between organizational culture and core values
  4. Model excellence in accessibility and inclusion

infinity sign with two arrows pointing towards the centerSustainability

Ensure the long-term viability of the organization through advancements in financial strength, organizational design, and sustainability

The IOD will:
  1. Strengthen organizational alignment between our areas of expertise and emerging priorities in the community
  2. Bolster our financial position through the expansion and diversification of funding sources
  3. Strengthen our ability to recruit, hire, train and retain high-quality staff
  4. Broaden leadership skills and opportunities for all faculty and staff


Icons created by Agniraj Chatterji, andriwidodo, and Alice Noir for the Noun Project.