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Access, Autonomy, and Dignity: A Series on Reproductive Rights and Disability Justice
The issue briefs in this series explore four important areas of reproductive health, rights, and justice for people with disabilities
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Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs
This book by Judy Winter provides detailed information on how to let go of the “perfect-baby” dream, face and resolve grief, access early intervention...
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Emergencies and National Disasters: Helping Children and Families Cope
NCPMI has resources to support families in helping young children cope with the challenges that might occur during stressful emergency or disaster sit...
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Exceptional Parent Magazine
A magazine and online resource for parents of children or young adults with disabilities. Includes reports, forum, products links and books. EP addres...
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Family Resource Connection
The New Hampshire Family Resource Connection was launched as a collaborative effort of New Hampshire Departments of Health & Human Services, Educa...
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First Five Years At Your Fingertips
This brochure includes tips for nutrition, hearing and vision. The second page is a single bright page listing developmental milestones for children u...
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How Well Does My Child See?
Created by the Early Connections project by the Institute on Disability/UCED at the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Division of Deve...
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Los Primeros Cinco Anos a Mano (First Five Years At Your Fingertips in Spanish)
Este folleto muestra unas cosas que los niños hacen a diferentes edades. This brochure is in Spanish and includes tips for nutrition, hearing and visi...
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NDSC Down syndrome Programs & Resources
The National Sown Syndrom Congress (NDSC) has gathered and vetted many sources and resources to help families, and professionals who serve them suppo...
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NH RAP Sheet Spring 2018 - Special Education - Opportunities and Challenges
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: ✦ Early Supports and Services ✦ Setting High Expectations ✦ PIC – Training and Resources ✦ Personal Stories
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