Starting Up RENEW in Your Organization

The RENEW team at UNH IOD can support your organization to install, improve, and scale up RENEW services.

As with any program or practice, certain structures and systems need to be in place from the outset and supported over time. We apply our nearly 30 years' experience supporting RENEW in various types of environments and contexts, and the principles of implementation science, to help you customize an action plan.

Read on to learn more about five key elements of successful RENEW implementation.

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1. Establish a System Team

Any organization that wants to deliver RENEW should first establish a system team (or adapt an existing team) to oversee and support implementation.

  • Assess population need and create and manage a referral system
  • Collect and review implementation, fidelity, and youth outcome data
  • Support facilitators to practice effectively

2. RENEW Facilitator Training

We can guide your system team to select and train staff who will facilitate RENEW with youth.

  • Number of facilitators is determined based on population need
  • Individuals are selected based on roles and skill sets
  • We offer the three-day, in-person RENEW Facilitator Training Institute every spring and fall. Or if you prefer, we can come provide training at your site.

3. Coaching Support for Facilitators

Ongoing coaching is the best way to ensure trainees become fluent with the model and apply the skills they've learned in their everyday practice. We provide coaching in person (or online if necessary) using the following strategies: modeling, co-facilitation, observation with feedback, group coaching, data collection and analysis, and booster trainings to support Facilitators in their growth.

  • Coaching helps facilitators maintain fidelity to the RENEW model, connect to additional resources, and find solutions to challenges and barriers

4. Train & Support Internal Coaches

Having your own internal RENEW Coach enhances the quality and sustainability of your RENEW practice. Typically, an active RENEW Facilitator decides they have the experience and capacity to act as their site's RENEW point person. 

  • They complete RENEW Coaches Training and learn how to coach their site's Implementation Team and Facilitators
  • The site operates more independently, while staying connected to the IOD and a supportive network of other RENEW Coaches
Internal Coach

5. Continuously Assess Quality

Taking regular fidelity measures is important — not only to make sure youth are receiving a quality RENEW intervention, but also to help you understand what kind of support your facilitators need to be effective. IOD provides tools and technical support for your organization to track and analyze three key types of data:

  • Process data, assessing how well the implementation system is working
  • Fidelity data, measuring how closely practitioners are following the model
  • Outcomes data, measuring youth progress indicators
Fidelity Check


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We would be happy to provide a RENEW Overview Presentation to your team. A RENEW trainer would guide your team through the RENEW model's features, goals, strategies, system requirements, and research base. We can tailor this presentation to a format and length that works for you, as well as focus on your specific needs and preferences.

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