Susan Zimmermann

Susan Zimmermann is a woman with mid length blond hair wearing a necklace with purple beads and a black sweater
Family Faculty
Office: Institute on Disability, 10 West Edge Drive, Suite 101, Durham, NH 03824

Professional Background

Susan Zimmermann, Ph.D., completed her doctorate in Sociology at Brown University. She has written many articles in the areas of women’s health and medical sociology. She previously worked as a Research Associate at Dartmouth’s Psychiatric Research Center in Lebanon, NH. She coordinated a study at the VA hospital in White River Junction that focused on interventions for elder veterans with mental health and alcohol-related problems. She is a parent of an adolescent with Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. Over the past 16 years, she has been actively involved in the disability community on a volunteer basis. She co-founded Best Buddies NH, a non-profit organization that fosters friendships between individuals with and without disabilities throughout New Hampshire schools. She has volunteeredat the New Hampshire Healing Sport Association in Sunapee, NH where she coached children and adults with a wide-range of neurodevelopmental and physical disabilities skiing in the winter and kayaking in the summer.

Susan is passionate about learning from others by conducting in-depth interview-based research. In 2016, she began interviewing mothers who have children with disabilities. Her goal is to analyze these interviews and write a book about mothers’ shared experiences. In 2018, she became co-chair of a working group through ABLE-NH called “Disability Diagnostic Dialogues,” a small group of educators, health care providers, and advocates who are committed to improving the ways in which medical teams deliver disability diagnoses to parents.