Alumni Updates - Fall 2014

November 15, 2014

Pam Thyng

Pamela Thyng

Pam was a graduate of the LEND 2011 cohort and has been employed as a Family Support Coordinator for Partners in Health at Community Partners in Dover, NH since then. Partners in Health serves young adults and families with children who have chronic health conditions. These conditions can range from severe asthma and allergies to cancer. The family support coordinator works with families to help them navigate the various systems, provides a small amount of money to alleviate some expenses, and connects them to other sources of funding. Pam also works for the Lifespan Respite Coalition, a diverse group of individuals who are working to establish a website to help families and caregivers connect.

Pam says, “LEND prepared me for working closely with families under difficult circumstances through experiences at the Seacoast Child Development Clinic. Working as the school, or family, liaison enabled her to observe objectively and be aware and sensitive to various styles of parenting and diverse cultures. The team collaboration prepared me to work with a variety of other professionals in a knowledgeable manner. LEND is able to give the student a holistic perspective into the world of disability.”