New Mainers Public Health Initiative: An Ethnic-based Public Health Agency

February 19, 2019

Hibo Omer Presentation

Last month we introduced you to Hibo Omer, MPH of the New Mainers Public Health Initiative.  This month, Ms. Omer presented details on several initiatives offered by this grass-roots organization to promote the health of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Lewiston and Auburn, ME communities.  The initiatives seek to empower, educate, and inform community members about preventative health measures through the promotion of healthy habits to reduce health inequities.  Programs include targeted case management; a youth aspiration program to encourage youth to pursue health related careers; a health literacy related to wellness, women’s health, autism awareness, and cancer information; and advocacy for the use of community health workers.  All programs include members from the community who translate information and provide culturally appropriate support. 

To learn more about the New Mainers Public Health Initiative, visit: