Beth Dixon & Frank Sgambati Receive Legacy Society Awards at 2016 Community Partnership Celebration

October 17, 2016

Beth Dixon & Frank Sgambati

DURHAM, N.H. – Past Institute on Disability (IOD) Staff Members Beth Dixon and Frank Sgambati received the Legacy Society Awards from Community Crossroads at the 2016 Community Partnership Celebration in Atkinson, NH.

“For over 30 years Beth and Frank have been leading the transformation of systems and communities that welcome and support the diversity among us,” shares Dr. Mary Schuh, IOD Director of Development and Consumer Affairs.  I can’t think of two people more deserving of this award and I am proud to have served as their colleague and learned from their experience”

Beth Dixon retired from the IOD in June 2016 after 25 years of service. While at the IOD, Beth served as the coordinator for the NH Leadership Series – recruiting participants, arranging sessions, and building a strong alumni community that allowed work to continue after the Series ended. Over the course of her time with the Leadership Series, she trained more than 900 people to advocate to change the way that services are offered to their loved ones. She continues to work part time, focusing on fundraising and outreach, and ensures that the Series continues to be a vital resource for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Frank Sgambati recently retired from the IOD. He began his career at Laconia State School, and served as a group leader and mentor in the New Hampshire Leadership Series. As a founding member of the IOD’s National Center on Inclusive Education, his wide-reaching efforts in making inclusive practices the norm at school districts across the state has paved the way for a better learning environment for all students, regardless of ability.

The Legacy Society Award is presented biennially to New Hampshire citizens who have made a significant impact on public policy or public acceptance of individuals with disabilities. Recipients of the award have demonstrated the highest level of advocacy, over a prolonged period of time, resulting in stronger communities and better opportunities for people of all abilities.