NH AAC Initiative

This project was completed in June 2014 and these resources are no longer updated.

In New Hampshire and nationally, current data on students who require communication supports suggests that 50% do not have any communication device in place. For the other 50%, what is provided may not meet their needs. Students who have limited or no speech are not able to fully participate in their school or home life without these supports. This applies even for students with the “most significant disabilities.”

The purpose of the NH Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Initiative is to provide professional development to all New Hampshire school districts (K-12) at no cost to the district for students who benefit from supports to communicate thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas via the use of AAC.

The NH AAC Initiative will:

  • Establish a website for information and resources
  • Provide web-based self-study modules and in-person training
  • Conduct monthly webinars through June 30, 2014

Project outcomes will include 20 web-based self-study modules, 10 in-person trainings, 14 monthly webinars, and several newsletters outlining project progress.

NH AAC Initiative FAQ

The NH AAC Initiative is funded by a fifteen-month $100,000 grant from the New Hampshire Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education.