Gubernatorial Candidates Town Hall on Disability & Chronic Conditions on Tuesday, September 20th

NH Advocacy Groups Host In-Person/Virtual Conversation with Senator Sherman and Governor Sununu

Concord, NH – Reflecting the growing and changing priorities of the disability community in New Hampshire, the two major candidates for Governor in New Hampshire have agreed to attend a Gubernatorial Town Hall on Disability & Chronic Conditions held on September 20th, from 4:00-6:00 pm in Manchester.

This event will be broadcast live online from Girls At Work, Inc with members of the disability community in attendance. The hybrid approach will ensure full access to a wide-ranging conversation on disability priorities.  

Governor Chris Sununu and Senator Tom Sherman will deliver their disability policy platforms and vision if elected. Each candidate will be invited to speak one at a time on topics covering inclusive education, workforce shortage, housing, transportation, and disability employment.

Hosted by Granite State Independent Living, ABLE-NH, Disability Rights Center-NH, the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities, Community Support Network, Inc, the Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions, the Brain Injury Association of NH, the Institute on Disability at UNH and the Parent Information Center. The event will be moderated by Scott Spradling of the Spradling Group.

“I’m hoping this conversation reveals the priorities of each candidate, but that it also showcases the many contributions our community can make to this wonderful state.  We are a fully able constituency and we are ready to more actively participate in problem-solving,” said Deb Ritcey, CEO of Granite State Independent Living.

“We are a powerful voting block and I believe this event reflects the evolving understanding of our needs as well as the increasing priority among state leaders to hear our voices,” explains Kelly Nye-Lengermen, Executive Director of the Institute on Disability at UNH.

"This event will give people with disabilities, their friends and supporters a clearer sense on each candidate’s ideas about some of the most important issues facing people with disabilities; we appreciate this opportunity to listen and be heard,” said Stephanie Patrick, Executive Director of Disability Rights Center- NH.

“This event is an important opportunity for individuals and families impacted by disabilities to hear from the candidates about their viewpoints in shaping disability policy in NH” says Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre, Executive Director of the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities. "It’s imperative that people with disabilities seize the opportunity to exercise power and control over their own lives by voting for leaders who represent their values for community inclusion.”

“The Governor of New Hampshire has an opportunity to both lead and educate on this issue, so we are honored and excited that Governor Sununu and Senator Sherman have agreed to have a wide-ranging conversation about disability priorities” said Lisa Beaudoin, Executive Director of ABLE NH.

"There are almost 65,000 children and youths who live with chronic health conditions in New Hampshire. Our council is excited to be invited to participate in this year's Town Hall, which will give the opportunity for families to ask questions and hear how our future leadership will work to ensure equal access to healthcare supports and resources," says Audrey Gerkin, the Council Administrator for the NH Council for Youth with Chronic Conditions. 

“Now more than ever the disability community in New Hampshire needs to be heard on issues they face. The direct care workforce shortage has reached catastrophic levels across the state and threaten the health and welfare of the lives of the disability community and their families. This gubernatorial town hall gives us the opportunity to hear from candidates but more importantly have the candidates hear about what is important to their constituents. This hybrid event, in person and online, removes barriers and provides greater access to be included in the conversation.” said Ellen McCahon, Executive Director of Community Support Network, Inc.

Questions will come from the event moderator, from the live audience and from those watching the town hall on Zoom.

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