2021 ARHE/ARS/APG Conference Presentations Posted

Thank you to Heidi Cloutier, Ginger Ross, and Bob Faghan for providing us with their presentations from the 2021 ARGE/ARS/APG Conference, June 21-25, 2021. You can access these fantastic PowerPoints below!

Heidi Cloutier, MSW, University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability Creating Connections NH

Creating Connections NH has developed a robust model for organizations interested in providing APGs in their community. We provide training for APG facilitators, coaches, and supervisors; technical assistance; and progress monitoring tools for organizations providing APGs. In this session, we will share supporting documents, procedures, and resources in getting started and growing your APG, including resources for the overall organization, APG facilitators, and coaches or supervisors. We will share documents our team has created including Open House checklists, Referral logs, and tracking systems, program planning tools, ethical case studies, and more!

Heidi Cloutier, MSW, University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability Creating Connections NH
Ginger Ross, Choice Peer Recovery Coach Trainings and NH Recovery Coach Academy
Bob Faghan, MA, MLADC, Live Free Recovery Consultants

APGs encourage healthy lifestyle changes in a safe, socially reinforcing environment that is recovery and wellness-focused. One challenge in implementing and sustaining APGs is providing ongoing support to ensure high quality peer support. Fidelity Assessments are designed to help APGs review the progress and quality of programing and provide an opportunity to reflect on strengths and struggles, and create plans for continuous quality improvement and professional development opportunities. NH has convened a stakeholder group to create an infrastructure for implementing high quality APGs in a way that can be replicable across the state and scaled up across the country by outlining critical elements of alternative peer groups, and then creating training, coaching, and fidelity tools driven by these critical elements to ensure high quality programming and supports. This session will introduce fidelity tools that can be used at the organizational, facilitator, and coach levels to ensure and promote high quality implementation.

Bob Faghan MA, MLADC, Live Free Recovery Consultants
Heidi Cloutier, MSW, University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability Creating Connections NH

Research has demonstrated that higher levels of recovery capital predict sustained recovery, higher quality of life, and lower stress with participants in recovery (Laudet, 2008). This holds true for overall organizational health and sustainability as well. This session will explore how organizations can strategically build their own human, financial, social, and community capital to ensure the overall health and sustainability of the APG. Live Free Recovery Consults will share strategies to partner with schools, state organizations, and the larger community to develop sustainable relationships, support, and career pathway for peer leaders.