Dear Leadership Grads and Friends, 

The dynamic Class of 2017 has just completed their final MAPs in their own Person-centered Planning Process they started back in September. We saw some creative and artistic MAPs this past session but the best part was just listening to the class share their highlights of how this 6 month process of deep reflection, taking inventory, and planning for a future impacted them. 

I felt the power of NH Leadership’s influence when one person said emphatically “I came here to learn how to put my daughter in an institution. I wanted to learn the tools to make that happen.”  But, she went on to say that she quickly learned that her daughter deserves so much more - a full life in the community -  and that is what she is focusing on now. There were tears in the room. 

We know this Leadership experience can be transformative and mean life changes for many people. We have a fantastic group of learners and leaders in the Class of 2017 and the energy is palpable. And…we need your help in recruiting people who are ready to put their hearts and souls into this Leadership training and become our Class of 2018.  

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Jack Welch 

We need your support in many ways to help us “grow others.” Please nominate or pass on the application to your groups, networks, and contacts.

Come to the Gala and connect with and celebrate this new class. Become a Gala sponsor, or donate a raffle item, or become a stronger part of our Leadership family in some other way. 

We hope to see many of you at the Gala on April 5 – we love seeing our past grads and learn how you are all doing. We are honoring the amazing Freda Smith with the Leadership Medal, so please come and honor her with us! Read on to learn more about this big event and all the wonderful things happening in Leadership. Thank you! 


Ann Dillon 

NH Leadership Series Coordinator