The UNH Employment ARRT program is designed to generate high-quality researchers with the necessary skills to investigate the impacts of government programs, social and workplace factors, and employer practices on the employment of people with disabilities.

In the short term, our program increases the number of highly qualified, interdisciplinary researchers, including researchers with disabilities. In the intermediate-term, this generates more innovative strategies to improve disability and employment policies, programs, and practices. This will ultimately result in better employment opportunities and outcomes for people with disabilities.

Research Produced by our Post-docs since 2021


10 Presentations Given


7 Peer Reviewed Publications
(accepted or under review)


2 Other Publications released

Topics of Research Include

  • Intersection of LGBT and disability identity

  • Mental health and disability among LGBT population

  • Full-time caregiving during the Covid-19 pandemic across minority identifications

  • Barriers to employment for people with disabilities