ARC Broward DSPATHS Certificate Program

The DSPATHS Certificate Program is designed to create a competency-based and credentialed career path for direct support professionals. Coupled with mentorship, experiential learning opportunities, and placement resources, DSPATHS supports students to find a career in this high-demand field.

Nationally, the human service industry is in CRISIS. The aged and disabled population is growing larger each year, living longer and demanding greater quality supports and better services. The number of qualified and trained professionals available to respond to this demand is limited.

In response, Arc Educates has taken a lead role in creating a movement for change in the human services industry. The DSPATHS (Direct Support Professional Advancement through Training and Education in Human Services) Certificate Program provides a high-quality, state-licensed training Program for individuals to enter this field and strengthen the direct support, human services workforce in Broward County, South Florida and the state as a whole, ultimately improving the quality of support offered to children and adults with disabilities.

This Program will:

  1. Build skills necessary for persons working with individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) and other specialized care needs.
  2. Help participants achieve a “competency-based” credential as a Direct Support Professional.
  3. Enhance the direct support occupational image and profile with a state recognized professional Certificate Program.
  4. Encourage increased commitment of workers to the field and their jobs.
  5. Improve recruitment potential and longevity in the critical frontline human/social services direct support workforce.

Cost: This costs money to use

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