Creating Connections NH

Creating Connections NHCreating Connections NH is a federally-funded project to develop and implement a system of care for youth (ages 12-25) with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and Co-occurring mental health disorders and SUD (COD).  Creating Connections NH is being implemented by the NH Bureau of Children’s Behavioral Health within the NH Department of Health and Human Services to develop, in collaboration with Greater Nashua Mental Health.  Additional project partners include the Institute on Disability for workforce development and the Human Service Research Institute for evaluation. The primary project goals are to:

  1. Design and provide training and supports to deliver developmentally appropriate, research-based screening and brief intervention to youth in the pilot regions.
  2. Provide training for implementation of research-based assessments, including the CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Checklist) to guide treatment planning.
  3. Design and provide training for implementation of developmentally-appropriate research-based treatment services consistent with System of Care values and principles and ASAM continuum of care, including training in the Seven Challenges, Motivational Interviewing, Care Coordination, Family- and Youth-Driven Wraparound, Peer Support, RENEW, Medication Assisted Treatment, Recovery Coaching, and other evidence-based practices.
  4. Identify critical barriers in state and federal licensing policies, rules, and regulations that interfere with the development of high-quality assessment, treatment, and recovery services for youth and young adults with SUD or SUD/COD.

Creating Connections is being implemented at Greater Nashua Mental Health . To access services in Greater Nashua, call Jan Trudo at 603-889-6147 x3258. For more information about Creating Connections NH, contact Shawn Blakey at 603-271-0845 or

To access NH's system for finding substance misuse treatment and more information,

please go to the NH Doorway portal.

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Age Levels: 
Middle/High School