Innovation Facilitators

Innovation Facilitators
Innovation Facilitators

What is I.F.?

Innovation Facilitators (I.F.) is a network of experienced trainers and facilitators who have organized to support the evolution of person-centered planning by offering tools, processes, and structured experiences designed to exercise imagination and promote strategic thinking. Rather than concentrating on promotion of an innovative model or systemic change, I.F. is focused on building a foundation for innovation by helping individuals and groups develop greater capacity to plan, network, organize, and take intentional action at the grassroots level.


As a resource for training, process facilitation, and technical assistance, I.F. is dedicated to advancing the standards of excellence in person-centered planning through the support of practitioners, persons with disabilities, families, and personal support teams.


The vision of I.F. is to contribute to the ingenuity of individuals with disabilities and their families and supporters by constructing processes that enable creativity to flourish. We envision a future where all persons and families, regardless of age, disability, learning style, or socioeconomic background, are able to organize a unique network of personal supports making it possible for them to pursue the types of relationships, experiences, and opportunities they find most meaningful.


Traditionally, individuals and families have relied on human service agencies or representatives to guide them through the process of determining personal goals that services are designed to help them achieve as well as how service resources are allocated. As such, human service professionals have wielded tremendous influence over the range of possibilities and supports service recipients have been able to access. I.F. was established in 2004 by a small group of facilitators who joined forces with the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability and Browne Center for Innovative Learning to provide an alternative to agency-directed facilitation of person-centered planning. I.F. operates as an entity that is independent of the human service system for the express purpose of supporting individuals and families to assume a leadership role in deciding:

  • Outcomes to focus on during planning
  • Who is involved in the planning process
  • The types of supports and services that they want and need
  • Who provides supports and expectations for how services are delivered, and
  • How available resources are allocated on their own behalf.

By turning the decision-making process over to individuals and families, I.F. strives to give them greater choice and control over their quality of life.