Creating Accessible Outreach and Dissemination (Presentations/Social Media)

Accessibility Webinar Series

Web Accessibility IconsAs more and more of the work we do is done online, presented online, and disseminated online, it becomes our job and responsibility as content creators, digital marketers, and presenters to ensure that the great work we do is accessible to all people regardless of ability. This webinar series will provide an overview of federally mandated digital accessibility standards, present best practices for accessibility in Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word, and lastly, demystify making presentations, webinars, and social media accessible to all users.

While you do not need to attend all webinars, each webinar represents a significant amount of knowledge and findings on the area discussed.

Creating Accessible Outreach and Dissemination (Presentations/Social Media)
March 28, 2018 | $20
People give lots of presentations. People also use *lots* of social media. But what can we do to make sure that all the presentations that we give and posts that we make are accessible to *all* people? This session will cover the best practices in developing presentations, from font size to displaying complex information; and best practices in producing accessible content for social media across a wide range of platforms, covering items such as image content, accessible hashtagging, and looking at the built-in accessibility features of modern social media platforms. Together we’ll learn that we can all do little things to make big things #AccessibleToEveryone.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who creates websites or digital documents, and anyone who wants to know why this is important: this includes general and special educators, paraeducators, assistive technology specialists and providers, accessibility professionals, ADA administrators, physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, rehabilitation engineers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, document creators, communication or accessibility coordinators, website content managers, marketing managers, and administrative assistants.

More in the Accessibility Webinar Series

Introduction to the Principles of Digital Accessibility
March 7, 2018 | $20
We all strive to do the right thing for all users and meet federally mandated guidelines, therefore, digital accessibility should be at the forefront of all our digital content creation. However, it can be difficult to understand, decipher, and put into practice in a real and meaningful way. In this presentation, we will learn the guiding principles of digital accessibility by learning and decoding the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, the new federal standard for digital accessibility.

Accessible Document Creation with Microsoft Word
March 14, 2018 | $20
In the public and private sectors Microsoft Word is a leader in digital document creation software. However, creating accessible documents can be daunting, confusing, and even a liability if not done correctly. During this webinar, participants will learn the steps for creating practical, accessible, and federally compliant Microsoft Word documents and be given the tools to practice their newfound skills. Areas to be explored include the use of headings to create a meaningful document flow, hyperlink texts that are easy to understand out of context, and alt text on images for maximum accessibility. All participants will be given templates to follow along with and implement their own accessible features during the webinar. By the end of the session, participants will have the knowledge to make every document moving forward more accessible to end-users of diverse abilities.

Creating Accessible Documents with Adobe Acrobat
March 21, 2018 | $20
Adobe Acrobat has long been used as a standard format for distributing documents. However, it requires additional work to ensure that your documents are accessible to all individuals. In this webinar, we will be discussing what you can do everyday to make sure that your documents are accessible and ADA compliant. Specifically, we will be discussing how to check for existing accessibility features in your PDFs, interpreting what features are found, and learning how to implement accessible best-practices into all of your PDFs, such as reading order, bookmarks, titling, and tagging.


Art Frick

Web Services Manager

Art Frick is a web designer, developer, and online accessibility specialist in the greater NYC area. He is a full-time staff member of the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability, where he does a lot of project management, assists in developing technical specifications for several grants and programs at the Institute, and is a frequent speaker about online accessibility issues and Drupal.

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Date & Time

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Registration Fee

$20 per session



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