Accessibility Webinar Series

webinar series

Welcome to the Assistive Technology in New Hampshire Webinar Series! This webinar series offers resources to help individuals learn how to design, create, and produce products to be used by as many people as possible; both those living with a disability and without.  Each webinar encompasses unique and evolving solutions for including more people in meaningful ways. 

Five Habits for Creating Highly Accessible Documents

Originally Aired: June 18, 2020

Now more than ever, the need to create accessible documents is at the forefront of our minds. Twenty-six percent of adults in the United States have some type of disability that could create a barrier that affects their ability to access digital information.

This free webinar offers highly actionable advice that you can instantly incorporate into your day-to-day workflow to assure your document is readable by individuals with disabilities.

  • Focus: General Accessibility Principles / Microsoft Word
  • Topics Covered: fonts, layout, images, language, and built-in accessibility tools


Introduction to Digital Accessibility - Standards & Best Practices

Originally Aired: May 2, 2019

Digital accessibility should be at the forefront of all our digital content creation. However, it can be difficult to understand, decipher, and put into practice in a real and meaningful way. This webinar will explain the guiding principles of digital accessibility by learning and breaking down the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, the federal standard for digital accessibility. Please note: this webinar is focused on the universal principles of digital accessibility, it is not geared towards website development.


Accessible Documents and You! Make it Right and Everyone Benefits

Originally Aired: May 9, 2019

Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat have long been used as standard formats for distributing documents. However, it requires planning, consideration, and some technical know-how to ensure that your documents are accessible to all individuals. In this webinar, you'll learn the skills needed to make sure that your documents are accessible and ADA compliant.


Broken... Please fix?! Document Remediation with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat

Originally Aired: May 16, 2019

"I did exactly what you told me to and I have multiple accessibility errors!? WHY?!" In this webinar we will discuss what to do when you have a list of errors from Microsoft's accessibility checker and your full accessibility report from Adobe Acrobat looks like a graduate thesis. This webinar walks through various types of errors, the remediation of those errors, and what you can do to make sure you are generating the most accessible content possible, regardless of the platform.


A Beginner's Guide to Creating Accessible Documents

Originally Aired: September 22, 2016

Making sure that documents and websites are accessible to all users is vital to ensuring access to all. Here are some resources that can help you make sure that the documents you create are as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.