Employment and Asset Development Resource Network

This project was completed in September 2016 and these resources are no longer updated.

The Employment and Asset Development Resource Network (EARN) is designed to provide high quality information and resources to individuals with disabilities, professionals, and family members that result in improvements in gainful community employment opportunities and financial well-being of persons with disabilities.

Initiatives under this project include:

  • An online Work Incentives Resource Center (WIRC) to promote the expanded use of work incentives to ensure that individuals with disabilities benefit from the financial rewards of employment. The site offers information and resources about public benefit programs, such as Social Security and Medicaid, and how they interact with earned income and health insurance options; as well as special programs designed to reward employment effort.
  • Information and resources for enhancing financial security and building financial assets of persons with disabilities.

Project Staff

Joanne Malloy
Research Associate Professor