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Whether you are new to Charting the LifeCourse framework and tools, or more experienced, you are in the right place! In the Foundational Tools section of the website, you will find a core set of practical tools you can use for planning, problem-solving, or just thinking about what you want and don’t want now or in the future! There are tools for any person to use, either on their own or with people who support or care about them. There are tools for families to use to think about a good life for their family members as well.

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Life Trajectory for Planning Worksheet

Trajectory for Planning

Envision your “good life” and identify the steps or experiences needed to get there. The Trajectory Planning Tool highlights the past life experiences that are leading or moving you away from your vision and then provides space for current goals and things to avoid moving forward.

Tip Sheet
(This is an overview of how and why to use these tools)

Planning Worksheet

exploring worksheet

Family Perspective worksheet

Integrated Supports Star worksheet

Integrated Supports Star

Identify the supports you are using now and think about other supports that might be helpful. Using various supports in combination can help you achieve your vision of a good life.

Star Tip Sheet

(This is an overview of how and why to use this tool)

Integrated Supports Star Worksheet

Life Domain Vision tool sheet

Life Domain Vision Tool

This tool is to help individuals of all ages start to think about a more specific vision for life in the future and narrow down what life domain(s) to focus on at this point in time.

Person Centered Vision Tool Worksheet

Family Perspective Vision Tool Worksheet

reciprocal roles sheet

Reciprocal Roles

The Reciprocal Roles tool will help you identify the people in your life and ways they support you. It also helps you explore ways that you support other people and roles you play in their lives. It can identify gaps as well as the potential for building even stronger relationships.

Reciprocal Roles Worksheet

mapping relationships sheet

Mapping Relationships

The Mapping Relationships tool will help you identify the different people and ways that they support you. It can help you have conversations about the future and who may fill those roles when others are no longer able.

Mapping Tip Sheet

(This is an overview of how and why to use these tools)

Mapping relationships worksheet

goal attainment sheet

Goal Attainment

When planning how to achieve a goal, this tool will help you define what success looks like, plan strategies to move closer to the goal, and track progress over time.

Person Centered Goal Attainment Worksheet


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