We are pleased to welcome Dover Pediatrics, Gateways Community Services, and Community Partners Behavioral Health Services as new training partners this year. These New Hampshire organizations join our growing list of community partnerships offering trainees valuable clinical experiences.  

The Dover Pediatrics partnership was initiated by Meaghan Cullinane, Medical Home Coordinator, and Gina Apgar, Behavioral Health Provider (LEND 2020). These two former NH-ME LEND trainees are members of a new interdisciplinary care team at Dover Pediatrics. Meaghan works with families of children and youth with special healthcare needs to address interrelated medical, social, developmental, educational, and financial needs to support optimal health and wellness outcomes. Gina works alongside the medical providers to provide on-the-spot consultation, deliver brief evidence-based treatment and assessment, and aid with coordinating community-based services for children and their families. Micaela Demeter was the first LEND trainee to join this dynamic care team and observe how they support families and providers in their practice.  

Gateways Community Services—one of 10 area agencies in New Hampshire—offers an array of community-based services for people with disabilities. The new LEND clinical experience focuses on the agency’s early support and services program, family support, and Autism Center. This fall, Dimitri Santos, nutrition trainee, has been actively observing providers interacting with children ages 0–3 who have a variety of developmental delays. In the spring, the Autism Center will welcome its first trainee to work in its center-based program, which offers direct therapies based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children on the spectrum. The Gateways Autism Center strives to provide high-quality skills, training, and behavior intervention for the promotion of independence and autonomy.   

Finally, Community Partners is offering a new clinical placement within their Behavioral Health Division, thanks to Megan Daudelin (LEND 2019), former social work trainee, who is now a Youth and Family Team Leader at the organization. Samantha Barb, social work trainee, joined Megan this fall and has been engaging in client sessions, observing intakes and interdisciplinary team meetings, and attending consults in collaboration with Early Supports and Services. Samantha is grateful for her experience and reflects, “I feel lucky to have a window into the world of behavioral and mental health and the complex interactions between the two."   

Welcome to our new partners, and thank you for providing rich learning opportunities for our LEND trainees.