Marika Steir was a daughter, sister, friend, and advocate. She lived her life with enthusiasm and strength and pushed the limits of things that were once believed impossible for people with disabilities. She was one of the first students with disabilities to attend Atkinson Academy and go on to be the first student to be mainstreamed at Timberlane Regional Middle and High Schools. 

Marika changed hearts and minds at every turn. While in high school, Marika became a cheerleader for the football team. She enjoyed traveling and made many friends around the world during her foreign travels and even lectured about full inclusion in foreign countries to help improve the lives of children with disabilities around the world.

Marika challenged stereotypes and conquered many obstacles throughout her life. She had a career supporting the elderly at her family’s business. She was a guest speaker for Senator Shaheen at the Kennedy School of Government and Politics as well as at numerous UNH classes and the NH Leadership Series. Her voice for inclusion and disability rights will resonate in the halls of buildings and minds of people for a long time to come. (1986-2021)