2020 and was a year like no other; but that did not stop our powerful Leadership graduates from doing big and meaningful things!  

Shawnna Bowman (2018) “After graduating Leadership, was appointed to the Council on Developmental Disabilities and joined Community Bridges to support their Communications and Resource Development. Additionally, the Director of Student Services of my district and I kicked off the MV Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC).  

“Today I serve as Manager of Communications and Resource Development with Community Bridges. This past summer I was appointed as Chair of the Policy Committee and joined LEND's class of 2021. I am glad to say that our SEPAC is going strong.  We have initiated a series of parent forums to discuss issues directly with district representatives and school board members.” 

Brian Harlow, (2020) received the New Futures Jennifer Wierwille Norton Advocacy In Action Award for his tireless advocacy work around the intersection of substance misuse and sexual assault/domestic violence.


Sarah Sadowski(2017) manages the Concord Preschool Development grant- to ensure that all children have access to comprehensive and responsive supports so they are healthy, learning, and thriving. New Hampshire received $26.8 million to build an early education system that is effective, inclusive, responsive, efficient, and evidence informed. Learn more about this work or reach out to Sarah via email at sarah@kids1stconsulting.com. 

Kelly Erhart, (2018) is currently the President of People First NH, on the Gateways Community Services Participant Directed and Managed Services Family Advocacy Network, and Advocate New Hampshire. Kelly also works with the Institute on Disability and the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities giving training for direct support professionals focused on giving clients choice and opportunities to dream big.