Dear NH-ME LEND Community,  

Betsy Humphreys

Meet the 2021 NH-ME LEND Cohort! These 25 extraordinary individuals, in the midst of their busy lives and studies (not to mention a pandemic), have made the decision to dedicate themselves to leadership and professional development in the field of developmental disabilities this year. I have no doubt that our communities will benefit from their professional contributions! 

Congratulations to LEND faculty member, Jennifer Maeverde, LMHC who was named an AUCD Children’s Mental Health Champion.

Our feature this month highlights the great work of our LEND graduates, Lisa Plotnik, MD (2016) and Stephanie Winn, MSN, APRN (2019).  Read on for details! 

Be sure to keep in touch and let us know what you’re up to!   

Be well,