Honoring John B. Moeschler, MD, MS

John B. Moeschler, MD, MS, an influential partner and leader at the IOD, has retired as Program Director for New Hampshire-Maine Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NH-ME LEND) and Director of the New England Regional Genetics Network (NERGN). His retirement comes after dedicating nearly 30 years of service to improving systems of care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As a developmental behavioral pediatrician and geneticist in NH, he served thousands of children and families with or at risk for intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and trained hundreds of interprofessional leaders in high quality, innovative clinical care. His research and practice focused on the study and development of quality supports and health care for children with IDD, the genetics of IDD, ethics of genetic testing, and child health care improvement.

“John is a brilliant clinician who loves learning new things. As a key leader of the New England Regional Genetics Network, he challenged us to do more and do it better. John’s curious, kind and unflappable manner made working with him a pleasure,” shared Karen Volle, NERGN Project Manager.

His commitment to translating research into meaningful practice (and mentoring others to do the same) led to the establishment of NH-ME LEND in 1992 and later NERGN in 2007.

" The NH-ME LEND Program was one of John's first collaborations with the IOD nearly 30 years ago,” says Betsy Humphreys, PhD., NH-ME LEND Program Director. “I am grateful that I had the chance to work with John during his years as LEND Program Director. John challenged all of us to look 'up and out', stretch beyond our perceived boundaries, and pursue excellence in our work. This amazing program lives on as a result of his vision, dedication, and commitment."

It is with heartfelt gratitude we congratulate John on his retirement.