This month we congratulate Rae Sonnenmeier, Ph.D., CCC-SLP on her appointment as Director of the Speech Hearing and Language Clinic within the College of Health and Human Services at the University of New Hampshire.  

Rae has been actively engaged with the NH-ME LEND program since 1996, when she became a LEND trainee upon her arrival in New Hampshire as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UNH.  She joined the faculty the following year, commencing her numerous years as an instructor, clinician, and mentor. She served as the LEND Training Director between 1999-2009 and has been a member of the core LEND team for the past 10 years. Rae will continue to participate in the LEND program as a Core faculty in Communication Sciences and Disorder and as a LEND Faculty Mentor. Interdisciplinary graduate students, as well as, family and community leaders will continue to benefit from her extensive knowledge of autism spectrum disorder in young children, inclusion of children with disabilities in their schools and community, and her exceptional ability to quietly instill the importance of collaboration and leadership. Congratulations, Rae! 

“Rae always goes the extra mile to ensure her students are not only learning, but truly experiencing what it means to be a clinician while being human. She is the true embodiment of teacher and learner.  I carry everything Rae has taught me during my time at  LEND throughout everything I do as a leader today.” Kelsey Hall (LEND 2013).