Each year, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) selects a small number of its outstanding faculty for special recognition of their achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service. Awards for Excellence in Teaching are given in each college and school.  This spring, the College of Health and Human Services recognized John Wilcox, 2012 LEND graduate, with the award for Excellence in Teaching.  He is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Occupational Therapy Department, teaching graduate and undergraduate students.  

 “John is an excellent professor. He treats students with respect and encourages us to think and act ethically, resourcefully, flexibly, and creatively. He allows students to run with creative ideas and builds our confidence in ourselves and the way we view OT practice. He is a true asset to the UNH OT program. His teaching has greatly influenced who I have become as an entry-level professional.” Occupational Therapy Student 

John joined the Occupational Therapy Faculty in 2013. His research includes person-centered transitioning of adolescents with developmental disabilities into the community and the use of assistive technology to increase vocational skills. He also has interest in technology interventions for elementary aged children with autism spectrum disorders to increase occupational play and social skills.  

John’s current focus at UNH is the community integration of occupational therapy students in life skills groups for acquired and traumatic brain injury survivors and adults with developmental disabilities through semester-long, service-learning groups. John is a certified aging in place specialist, working to expand falls prevention programming with occupational therapy students and exploring aging in place research with colleague Dr. Sajay Arthanat. 

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