Leadership Legacies

The NH Leadership Series is over 30 years old with 1000 + graduates strong. We are now watching children of our earliest Leadership parents graduating from the Series and earning nine college credits! Lisa Beaudoin graduated from the NH Leadership Series in 2014 and her son, Forrest, graduated as a member of the class of 2018. We asked Lisa and Forrest to comment on their experience.

How did it feel watching your son graduate from a program you have also attended?

Lisa: I was so incredibly proud watching Forrest graduate from the NH Leadership Series, he worked hard, connected with his class, grew his leadership skills, and had fun along the way. 

Forrest made significant contributions to his action group “Medicaid Mavericks.” He learned how to do a 1:1. He developed meaningful relationships.

I was so excited for Forrest to become connected to the 1000 + graduates of Leadership.  He is officially on the team of change agents creating the good life for people impacted by disability.

How does it feel to join your mother as a Leadership graduate?

Forrest: It feels awesome that I joined Lisa B as a Leadership Graduate. I felt like I had good relationships with my Action Group and with my home group. I don’t think that there were any difficulties that I experienced through the process with my mom being a previous graduate, but I know that Lisa B and I are graduates and there is nothing wrong with that. We had a successful year at Leadership, and it shows us how awesome we are.



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