In Memory of Jocelyn Curtin

Jocelyn Curtin, daughter of Leadership graduate Marlin Curtin, Class of 1988, passed away at age 40. Jocelyn contributed to the knowledge and learning of so many advocates in NH and her legacy of creating communities where everyone belongs will continue.  Her story was shared widely by Marlin as Jocelyn entered elementary school and hundreds of educators and school administrators were inspired by her story of inclusion, friendships, and creating a full life in the community. As Jocelyn grew, she began to tell her own story using a communication device, and influenced many UNH students as they entered careers in education and other fields. She co-taught a course called “Facilitating Friendships” with Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen, and “Teaching Exceptional Learners” with Susan Shapiro. She was the highlight in an IOD film “Voices of Friendship” which continues to teach about the value of real friendships and is available on YouTube.  

The Curtin family has generously directed memorial funds to NH Leadership. We thank the Curtin family for remembering Leadership during their time of loss. We are grateful to Jocelyn for leading the way and setting an example for inclusive education and full community lives and for all she has done for the state of New Hampshire and beyond. Her life inspired so many.