The Amazing Class of 2019

The NH Leadership Series Class of 2019 has gotten off to a fantastic start and participants already are showing their skills in so many arenas!   

During the History Session, one of New Hampshire’s most beloved advocates, Freda Smith, honored us with her presence and talked about her role in closing Laconia State School.  Freda organized people in the 80’s and 90’s to take a stand against the poor treatment of people who had disabilities at Laconia State School and institutions like it that warehoused individuals with disabilities.   

During our Vision Session we heard from internationally renowned advocate and Ford Fellow, Judy Heumann about her life and accomplishments.  Also, our very own Leadership graduate Dan Habib shared his family’s story and his personal vision with a riveted class.   

In November, our class met for the Organizing…It Starts with You session in Greenfield to be challenged and stretched beyond their comfort zone by Leadership graduate, school board member, and community organizer, Linda Quintanilha of ABLE NH. 

Our Action Oriented session rounded out 2018. Our class made wonderful progress within their action groups and dug deeper into the world of testimony with Jennifer Bertrand, Class of 2010 and Community Crossroads Legislative Liaison. They added tools to their tool kit on self-reflection and created their personal “elevator” speeches. 

The sky is the limit for this inspiring, dedicated, and diverse group of leaders!