Dear Alumnae,

Kintsugi Bowl
Image source

What does Leadership have to do with this pottery bowl?

In a note to this year’s class, I referenced a Japanese art called Kintsugi in which broken pottery is restored to a new life of beauty by putting the pieces back together using a resin mixed with precious metal powders, creating a new and much more interesting piece. Look it up if you can! It is fascinating. I think the story applies to all in NH Leadership, whether you just graduated or are a seasoned alum.

Each of our journeys through Leadership has taken us on a new and different “restoration” of ourselves. Some of you might have tweaked a little something in you, while others really took a deeper journey of transformation. Whatever happened to you, this picture can be a reminder of the journey you have taken. What a beautiful work of art can be created when you have the tools and desire to do some restoration and hard work!

The journey through this year of Leadership has been a bright and energizing trek, with the exception of the loss of one of our valued class members, Alisa Macone. We think of her and her family and remember Alisa as a beautiful and positive person who really made a strong commitment to her family and had so much courage in sharing her difficult journey with us.

The Class of 2017 was a small but mighty one with 25 people to start. We had four outstanding group leaders – Linda Quintilniha, Kathy Bates, Maureen Tracey and Jennifer Bertrand – who were fun, empathetic, challenging, and energized leaders who worked well in making the year go smoothly. Jennifer also led us through the legislative process and did a wonderful job. Thank you Kathy, Jenn, Maureen and Linda for your powerful voices and support! We also want to thank Lisa Steadman, Class of 2016, for her hard work as a mentee in the program.

And great news! Deb Genthner graduated from NH-ME LEND and managed to keep juggling all the balls she had in the air, including working hard in Leadership and giving so much of herself. Congratulations, Deb, for this accomplishment and all your hard work!

Keep reading….We have some great news from Granite State College in the newsletter, and we have a new vision of next year’s celebration of 30 years of Leadership! A big Reunion…more news to come.

Thank you for all you do to promote and value Leadership. We are growing amazing leaders in our state and we need strong people of all ages and locations to do the work of making our state a place where all citizens are valued and celebrated.