Congratulations to the Champions of the NH Nursing Shortage Campaign!


Audrey Gerkin (‘16), Melissa Hinebauch (‘16) and Heather Donnell

Audrey Gerkin (‘16), Melissa Hinebauch (‘16) and Heather Donnell formed a strong trio of parents who were passionate about solving the home nursing crisis in NH. The shortage of nurses was preventing their children and families from getting the support they needed to ensure a safe life in their homes. They formed an interested group of people, including Sen. Jeff Woodburn and many others, to learn more, educate, and inform. They met with the Managed Care Organization Commission on several occasions, were interviewed by reporters and news stations in New England, and have made a connection of support to parents in Massachusetts who are forming a similar group.


Says Audrey, “As for the nursing campaign, it’s still ongoing. Audrey reported that some of the nursing agencies were keeping the rate increase and not passing it on to the nurses. Audrey and her group attended more hearings to try to resolve this so that the nurses, not the agencies, would get the increase as was intended to help create incentives for working with children with chronic health conditions. They were successful!

As of July, "All of the nursing agencies have now officially raised the pay of their nurses since the 4/1 increased reimbursement rate. Yay! SB439 has been signed and we’re awaiting word on the formation of the nursing commission", says Audrey.

Also supporting the efforts from the Class of 2016, Catherine Meinen, Deodonne Bhattari, Stefanie Afonso, Kona Johnson, Heather Stuber, as well as many other Leadership graduates from other years.

Congratulations to you all on your very successful campaign and for the impressive diligence, energy, leadership and team work involved!

For more information, view a PDF of Concord Monitor article from April 3, 2016 or visit their site at