by Ann Dillon

Dear Alumni and Friends,

NH Leadership Series - Class of 2016
NH Leadership Series - Class of 2016

‘Leadership years’ are years that pass by at warp speed. This year was no exception! It has been a great year for growth, with many high points and challenges. This year’s class was very active and began making an impact in the state right away, with many wonderful minds bringing attention to the nursing shortage, working on their individual projects and passions, and getting involved in local and state activities. We know that we will continue to see many graduates in state leadership roles. This year, graduation was celebrated at the Audubon in Concord.

Our GALA was held at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord and was a great fundraiser and reunion in this new venue. We want to thank the many Alumni who volunteered, sent donations, helped decorate, and attended and enjoyed the evening! We appreciate your efforts on behalf of Leadership.

Recruitment for next year’s class is still open and active and will continue until we have selected a strong class. You can help build your boards, local committees, and neighborhoods with strong leaders who care to make a difference by making a nomination today by going to the NH Leadership website.

We anticipate that next year will bring changes to Leadership. To better align with Granite State College (GSC) so our graduates are eligible for credits, we will undergo minor changes that will make Leadership more like a college course. I think the changes will be good ones and look forward to working through the process with GSC. Secondly, we will be losing 3 of our group leaders – Robin Carlson, Linda Quintanilha, and Jenn Pineo. They have contributed so much to Leadership but their lives are over-full now and they need to create space. A huge thank you to these three strong women for their dedication to Leadership!

We have some office news! Deb Genthner has been accepted into the LEND program and will be continuing her job in Leadership while participating as a LEND trainee.  And Alicia Buono, who we hired for her expertise in fundraising this past season will also be enrolled in LEND. Congratulations to both of these strong leaders!  Beth Dixon and Mary Schuh continue to support Leadership and we could not have a successful Leadership Series without their amazing efforts and support.

It is with sadness I tell you that 2 well known alumnae- Jenn McIntosh and Annie Forts have passed away. You can read tributes to these amazing women leaders further into the newsletter.

Lastly, we like keeping in touch and have enjoyed finding ways for alumni who want to stay connected to NHLS to have a greater role in our Leadership team’s efforts. If you would like to get more involved, please get in touch with me. We can to make a connection happen!

Have a great summer. Thanks, Ann