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Bridges Training Series
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The Bridges Training Series is a college and career training series. It is currently offered online, with four trainings designed to prepare young adults ages 18-24 with intellectual disabilities for higher education, independent living, and careers. The four trainings are: Tools for Academic Success, Setting & Realizing Goals Using Person-Centered Planning, Healthy & Social Aspects of Life, and Next Steps in Person-Centered Planning.

The Bridges Training Series gives young adults with intellectual disabilities a chance to learn about who they are, connect with other young adults, learn about resources they can use to explore life after high school, and think about their future.

Bridges Eligibility Requirements: The Bridges Training Series is open to young adults ages 18-24 with intellectual disabilities (ID) who are currently or were previously eligible for special education and related services under IDEA.


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Funding for the Bridges Training Series is made possible with support provided by NH Vocational Rehabilitation and the John Vance ACCESS fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.