This month’s Submit a Story entry was written by Courtney Tanner JD, MSW (LEND 2015). She is the Senior Director of Government Relations at Dartmouth Health and is writing to share information about Families Flourish Northeast.  

Despite a decade of investment and focus on the substance use epidemic in New Hampshire, the state is still struggling with high rates of substance abuse disorders and the resulting social and family consequences. Families Flourish was founded in 2020 with the mission of interrupting the intergenerational cycle of addiction. Starting in 2025, our organization will provide residential treatment in Lebanon, NH for twelve pregnant and parenting women seeking recovery from substance use. Embracing family centered care, women will not need to choose between their children and their recovery, as they will be able to have their children with them in treatment.  Additionally, partnerships with multidisciplinary stakeholders will ensure that children and their families will have access to the necessary supportive services, including early intervention, to be successful throughout recovery.   

“Serving as the founding Board Chair for Families Flourish, I am grateful for my time at LEND so that I can help our team build a program that is inclusive of and anticipates all family needs including families navigating neurodiversity.”

- Courtney Tanner